What We Offer
Global Reach

Taking the meaning of “Global Gaming” to next level and adapting your game to a worldly audience! Our many overseas partners and game media helps us maintain easy and close operation where you need it.

Data Analysis

With our experience in gaming types and platforms we are able to back our advice to customers with compounded data to insure the best next steps in your planning.

Game Advertising

Our management team provides full range of products and advice to obtain more accurate higher retained users outside and inside your game.

Integrated Marketing

We bring life to your game by using data and providing plans to give the user an “everyday life” experience within the game and using traditional and non-traditional medium to do so.

Our Advantages
Social Media Integration Big Data Operation
Access and information to connect your game to the right player socially. We provide customers the data to not only reach the right customer but personalize their experience.
Account Managers Global Connection
Our account managers are there for YOU.Available whenever you need them. They are with you every step of the way. We have years of global experience in overseas operation and user access.
Highly Paid Games Higher ARPU
We have the formula to get your games generating cash and we have the games to prove it. Higher retention rates and ARPU, through optimizing, we’ve retained an average rate of 170%.

Shinezone® Games

Dessert Shop
Flower Shop
Flower Ville
Glory Land
The King of Towers
Royal Chef
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Our Company Culture


Our team has a passion for life and passion for their work. Every project shows the love we have for who we are and what we do.


We stay lively and energetic. Nothing brings us down and we keep positive in every situation.


We work hard and utilize every creative idea to implement the best marketing plan. We’re authentic in creating those ideas and we use opportunity for the better.


We don’t fear failure. We see it as a learning opportunity and encourage our team members to do the same. We thrive for challenges and meet them with courage.


Volon Profile

Since 2015, Volon Media® has been bringing the best in game marketing, keeping gamers, our clients, and staff in mind. We are an extension of Shinezone®, providing all the marketing support to the games. Our work is an extension of ourselves. We believe a project can’t resonate with the people unless it becomes something bigger than the confinements of the screen. So with some heart, soul, and a bit of sweat, we breathe life into our projects. We face the challenges of global game marketing head on with the tenacity to breakdown any barrier to get the message heard.


Volon Media® has brought success to Facebook App games including Flower Ville, Heroes of Glory, Flower Shop, King of Towers and Dessert Shop. These versatile games give players a chance to make their fantasies a reality and grow a community where they can become a valuable member. With the ever growing mobile market, Volon has started tapping into the mobile game market and keep users fantasies alive and running on their favorite mobile device. We will roll out with 10 new and exciting mobile games in 2016.

Distribution and Marketing


Where in the world do you want your game to be? With us, the world is in your hands, specializing in Google Adwords, AD network, and Facebook Ads. Our global partners helps us help you get in the regions you want to be. Think of us as your bridge to the global market.


We take games and make them personal, utilizing unique integrated marketing to get your message to your across. We take global insights and out of the box thinking to create campaigns that bring people’s reality into the game. We work with you to see your vision come to fruition and make sure your voice combines with our creativity.

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